Rei’s “Bitch, please!” face is glorious. She is so done with this shit.

Screencap from here, as always!


Natalia says hello!

lmfao using my phone’s wifi hotspot to download the new ORAS demo. it’s like flushing the toilet on my data usage, ahaha.

I slept like… Not even two hours. :l now I’m awake again and it’s still really fucking hot in here. x_x



Hello Hello!!

Exciting news! I’ve finished my new pattern, Peeking Kittens! And I’m thinking about getting 16” x 72” inch silk scarves printed with them. Would that interest anyone? I’m also thinking about doing the same with the Prancing Pink Deer pattern, and possibly even the Blue Birds.

While I love the thigh highs, I feel like silks scarves are an accessory that anyone can wear! No matter their size, which I found was a problem with the thigh highs only coming in one size. I’m going to order test swatches now, but more details will follow!

I’m also thinking of doing a new pencil case run with the kittens, as well as a re-run of the Deer and Birds!

Let me know if theres any interested, either by note, tag, comment, etc!! I’d like to gauge interest!

And while I’m here, and update on other projects. I’m working on the Savanna Stars designs to make sticker sets, and maybe even charms! 

Thats all for now! Have a good night!

yes i WANT PRiNTS OF THE biRD one JEllLY

it’s after 4am. That means I’ve been laying here for 5 hours now, sweating my ass off because my dad’s stupid girlfriend didn’t want to turn the heat down and thought it a good idea to tell me to sleep on the couch by the FUCKING HEATER.