233 queue posts. i don’t have to worry about this for uh… idk, a while.

back to trying to hatch a shiny litleo.

▀ (2) extremesalsaing inquired, "Moose. Commander of the moosemen. What is new with you? How's the life of Overlord Shadowmoose going?"

the life is going about 40mph in moderately heavy traffic.

things are goooood, my mooseminions are slowly taking over norway. they already claimed sweden in the name of the moose.

going through this tag is great. it gets me hyped up because THE CAR SHOW IS THIS COMING WEEKEND. FUCK YEAH.

i hate lake george, tho. :l

Anonymous inquired, "what ARE your go to tags?"


you’ll see in about three days once the mass of posts begin.

tryin to get my queue filled back up. my dash is kinda slow so i’m browsin on through my go-to tags.


2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat

▀ (1) extremesalsaing inquired, "Mooooooose!"

[hungry moose noises]


i am so hungry but there’s nothing in my house.

time to go scavenge something to eat