everything sucks and i still really want to punch my dad in the throat.


#walk walk brainwashed assassin baby

shit, my queue is full and i don’t feel like posting/reblogging stuff.

▀ (1) jibblyuniverse inquired, "Winter on his mouth like liquor"

winter on his mouth like russian water

▀ (7) jibblyuniverse inquired, "BUCKY BARNES IN BEYONCE OUTFITS"

… okay, you win. i’m kinda grinning at the thought of that.

i’ve literally been crying since 9:30pm. that was six hours ago.

Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.

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One of my piece of shit relatives decided to tell me not to call my dad out on his bullshit by calling me a horrible daughter.

You have no idea who you’re talking to.

lolci inquired, "What's wrong. oh my god. ; n ;"

i have a migraine, i’ve been crying for three hours, and i feel like i’m about to throw up.

someone please just shoot me in the face.

i’ve been crying for the past two hours and all i want to do is break things until i can’t feel anything anymore.